Witherbee Neighborhood Association

Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)


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Membership Dues

Membership Categories:

Single $10.00

Family $15.00

Add. Fam. Members $ 5.00

Senior Family $10.00

Business $40.00

Sponsor $35.00

Benefactor $50 & up

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Monthly Membership Meetings:
First Thursday of each month at
Tabitha's Life Quest Center.
48th & J Street
7:00 P.M.

Annual Meeting first Thursday in November. Election of Officers.


Witherbee Neighorhood
Contact Information

Witherbee Neighborhood Asscociation
PO Box 5431
Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone: 402-413-0156

Monthly Membership Meetings:
First Thursday of each month at
Tabitha's Life Quest Center.
48th & J Street
7:00 P.M.

Non-Profit Status

Witherbee Neighborhood Association is incorporated and became a Non Profit 501(c)3 in 2010. Donations to WNA are tax dedutable.

As you are evaluating your charitable giving, thinking about your Estate Planning please remember your neighborhood. You can leave an everlasting legacy for generations to admire.
For more information contact our Treasurer.

Board of Directors elected for two years
Officers of the Board elected for one year


Rick Bagby
389 S. 47th.; Lincoln, NE 68510


Jackie Varicak.


Dawn Worrall


Fred Freytag
530 S 38th, Lincoln, NE 68510

Past President:

Mike Kreikemeier

Board Term expires
Cheryl Hejl
H: 402.489.2557
Board Term expires

Kathy Holland
501 S. 55th St., Lincoln, NE 68510

Board Term expires

Sandra Mahoney

Board Term expires

Kathy Stastny

Board Term expires
Open Board Seat
Board Term expires
Open Board Seat
Board Term expires
Open Board Seat

Advisory Board

Joyce Ebmeier Tabitha Health Care Services, Vice President, Strategic Planning
Ed Hoffman Cada Law Offices, Partner
Patte Newman Former City Council Member
Stacy Svoboda Westgate Bank Branch Manager 50th & O Street

Ad Sales

Larry Frisch 402-560-4565
Fred Freytag 402-430-6658

Membership: Karen Vogeley 402-435-6022

Newsletter Editors:

Jackie Varicak. 402-438-3616

Newsletter Distribution:

Jim Ihrie 483-4919
Larry Frisch 402-560-4565

Monthly Meetings
contact the vice president or president
Web-Development: Fred Freytag 402-430-6658

Special Committees Annual Activities

See Calendar Page

Special Projects

Nomination for Elections: Selected by the Board at least two month in advance of the annual meeting.


It shall be the purpose of this non-profit organization to promote involvement of all parties in the WNA, in a concerted effort for a better community.

This purpose may be accomplished by but not limited to:

  • Promote and maintain an organization for the advancement of the concepts of low-density residential land use.
  • Preserve and enhance aesthetic character and quality of life in the WNA area.
  • Monitor the plans and activities of city government, commercial organizations, or other entities that affect residents in the WNA area. Inform neighborhood residents and take appropriate action.
  • Encourage pride in the WNA area.
  • Promote communications among all parties including but not limited to businesses, institutions and residents concerned with the quality of life and development of the WNA area.
  • Protect and enhance the investment of property owners in the WNA area.
  • Inform the public on subjects beneficial to individuals and the WNA area.
  • Promote cohesiveness of WNA with other neighborhoods and neighborhood associations in Lincoln.
  • Promote home ownership and maintain a high percentage of owner occupied residential properties in the WNA area.
  • Work with local organizations to maintain and improve the WNA area.
  • Promote greater responsibility and involvement by residents in the WNA area including, but not limited to leadership and resource development.



Witherbee Neighorhood
NEW - Statistics from 2010 U.S. Census

Click here for a complete census report (pdf file)

Total Population: 3,966
Total Households: 1,687
Total Families: 913
Population Living in Families: 2,739
Total Housing Units: 1,808
Owner-Occupied Units: 1,019
Renter-Occupied Units: 669
Vacant Units: 120
Population Living in Housing Units: 4,008
Living in Owner-Occupied Units: 2,548
Living in Renter-Occupied Units: 1,251

Witherbee Neighorhood
Statistics from 2000 U.S. Census

Total Population: 3,992
Total Households: 1,672
Total Families: 968
Population Living in Families: 2,807
Total Housing Units: 1,752
Owner-Occupied Units: 1,088
Renter-Occupied Units: 584
Vacant Units: 80
Population Living in Housing Units: 3,799
Living in Owner-Occupied Units: 2,548
Living in Renter-Occupied Units: 1,251


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