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Witherbee Neighorhood
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Witherbee Neighborhood Asscociation
PO Box 5431
Lincoln, NE 68505



Monthly Membership Meetings:

First Thursday of each month at
Tabitha's Life Quest Center. 48th & J Street
7:00 P.M.

Medicine Take Back Day April 26 only form 10 to 2

The Nebraska MEDS project continues to offer a local, convenient, and year-round solutions for the proper disposal of non-controlled and over-the-counter medication for Lincoln-Lancaster County residents at 40 different participating pharmacy locations. Taking back leftover medications for proper disposal is extremely important because it reduces the risk of accidental poisonings, illegal drug use, all the while protecting aquatic environments as well as our own drinking water.

Currently, pharmacy locations can’t accept controlled medication (e.g. narcotics, painkillers, etc.) for disposal but on April 26, 2014 there is a national DEA medication Take-Back event happening at 11 different pharmacies around Lincoln-Lancaster County where you can dispose of all medication in your home including controlled mediation. With the help of law enforcement, our community can utilize the DEA Take-back event as a deadline in getting rid of those unused and unwanted medications from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at any of 11 different locations in Lincoln.

This opportunity to safely dispose of leftover controlled medications (pain killers, etc.) only occurs once or twice a year because of the special logistics required. Please share this information with friends and neighbors

Willa Tharnish
Nebraska MEDS Grant Coordinator
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
3140 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68510




DEA Medication Take-back Sites:

These sites will offer disposal of controlled
(pain pills, Adderall, Demerol, Ambien, etc…),
non-controlled and over the counter pills.

Walgreens 1400 S 70th
Walgreens- 1404 Superior St
Walgreens- 2600 S. 48th St
Walgreens- 1701 South St
Shopko- 6845 S. 27th
Walgreens- 2502 N 48th St
Walgreens- 8300 Northern Lights
Hy-Vee- 5010 O St
Lincoln Neighborhood Pharmacy- 6811 O St
Russ's Super Market- 1550 S. Coddington Ave

Four Star Drug- 13851 Guildford St

Pharmacies that take-back non-controlled prescriptions, over the counter pills, tablets and capsules, ointments, creams, lotions, powders, inhalers, nebulizer solutions and liquid medicines < 4oz. year-round:

Four Star Drug - 1340 N 66th St
Four Star Drug - 1265 S Cotner Blvd
Hy-Vee - 1601 N 84th St
Hy-Vee - 7151 Stacy Ln
Hy-Vee - 5010 O Street
National Pharmacy - 3306 A Street
Russ's Market - 4400 S 33rd St Court
Russ's Market - 1709 Washington St
Russ's Market - 2840 S 70th St
Russ's Market - 1550 S Coddington
Shopko - 4200 S 27th St
Shopko - 100 S 66th St
Shopko - 6845 S 27th St
Super Saver - 2662 Cornhusker Hwy
Super Saver - 2525 Pine Lake Rd
Super Saver - 233 North 48th Street
The Pharmacy - 1221 N Cotner
Wagey Drug Company - 800 N 27th St
Walgreens - 2600 S 48th St
Walgreens - 1301 O St
Walgreens - 8300 Northern Lights Dr
Walgreens - 1701 South St
Walgreens - 5701 Village Drive
Walgreens - 7045 O St
Walgreens - 2502 N 48th
Walgreens - 1404 Superior St
Walgreens - 815 N 27th St
Walgreens - 2630 Pine Lake Rd
Walgreens - 4000 S 70th St
Walgreens - 5500 Red Rock Lane
Walgreens Pharmacy - 4811 O Street
Medicap Pharmacy - 2555 Kensington Dr
SE NE Hematology and Oncology -
201 S 68 St. Place, Suite 200
Lincoln Neighborhood Pharmacy-6811 O Hy-Vee -
6001 Village Dr
Stockwell Pharmacy - 3811 S 27th St
Shopko Pharmacy - 3400 N 27th St
Clinic with a Heart - 1701 S 17th Street
Genoa Healthcare - 8550 Cuthills Ste 200
Four Star Drug, Waverly - 13851 Guildford

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City of Lincoln
Services/Complaints -- Important Phone Numbers

Monthly Witherbee Neighborhood Meeting

OUR meetings are open to all residents. Membership is not required

Thursday, April 3rd-- 7p.m..

at Tabitha's Lifequest Center 48th & J.
Enter the door under the big blue sign.


Program: Nebraska Sports Council Executive Director Dave Mlnarik.

The Witherbee Neighborhood Association is excited to announce that Nebraska Sports Council Executive Director Dave Mlnarik will be the featured speaker at the April member meeting. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!

Dave Mlnarik grew up in Clearwater, Nebraska, where his family owns and operates a feed & grain elevator and cow-calf ranch. He received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1991 and has worked for the Sports Council ever since. He and his wife Chrystal have four children. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, traveling and singing/playing music. Fun Facts about Dave: He was a Singer/Songwriter (Full Choke Band 1990-2002) and wrote and recorded two country CDs, one in Nashville.

The Nebraska Sports Council conducts the Cornhusker State Games, the LiveWell Challenge Series and annual stand-alone events including the Mud Run, Pumpkin Run and the Big Red Challenge. Total annual participation averages around 30,000. The Nebraska Sports Council was recently chosen to host the 2015 State Games of America. The State Games of America will take the place of the Cornhusker State Games in 2015.

The 2015 State Games of America in Lincoln is expected to attract 12,000 Nebraska participants and 6,000 non-resident qualifiers, making it the largest in history. The previous record was set in Colorado Springs in 2009 with just over 10,000 total participants. With 18,000 participants, 5,000 volunteers and 24,000 additional spectators/guests, total attendance is projected at 47,000.

The 2015 State Games of America will generate an estimated $20 million economic impact.

More than 60 sports will be offered, which is also an event record. Attendance for the 2015 State Games of America Opening Ceremonies, which will take place at UNL’s Memorial Stadium, is expected to exceed 35,000.

Dave will share how Lincoln won the bid over other cities for the State Games of America, more about what the games are all about as well as the other events of the Nebraska Sports Council, and how local athletes and volunteers can participate.

For more information on the events and programs of the Nebraska Sports Council you can go to http:// nebraskasportscouncil.com/. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and hear Dave Mlnarik on April 3rd

Business Meeting: Minutes and Treasurer Report

Other items:

  • Property updates
  • Committee updates
  • YOUR concerns

WNA Board Meetings have been scheduled at 7PM for the second Thursday of January, April, July and October at Tabitha Lifequest Center. For agendas please contact the President or any board member. Agendas will be emailed and change of loacation will be posted here. Reminders of the meeting will be emailed. (be sure you are on our email list.)

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Citizens' Meeting

by Doug Emery (City Council Member)

Every third Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Victor E. Anderson Branch Library 3635 Touzalin Avenue. Enter on the west side and turn left.

To get a monthly email with speaker info from Doug send him an email to the city council and request to be on the list.

2014 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule

Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
Environmental Public Health

(Lancaster County Residents Only)
Click here for the Waste Program Brochure


2014 Collection Schedule Date (all dates 9am-lpm) - Location

Friday March 21 - Appointment Only: Call (402) 441-8021 to schedule

Saturday April 26 - Wal-Mart South: 87th & Hwy 2

Saturday May 17 - Zoetis: 601 West Cornhusker Hwy

Friday June 20 - Union College: South 52nd & Cooper Ave

Saturday August 23 - 9 Hi Veyance Technologies: 4021 North 56th St

Saturday September 13 - Lincoln Industries: 600 West E St

October (date TBD) Woods Park: South 31st & J St.

Friday November 14 - Appointment Only: Call (402) 441-8021 to schedule


Additional resources click on links below:

  • Household Waste Concerns a page with lots of great links.
  • The Hazard-Free Home Handbook
  • City of Lincoln Solid Waste Operations Recycling Operations
    Do the Right Thing, Do the Recycle Thing
  • Latex Paint Exchanges
    Latex paint is not accepted at HHW collections. Useable latex paint can be taken to EcoStores Nebraska paint exchanges:
    May 17 & September 13 9am-2pm
    530 West P St, 402-477-3606
    More information: www.ecostoresne.org
    EcoStores disposes of unusable paint for $2/can.
  • Safe Homes for Seniors
    A FREE service for residents aged 60+, Safe Homes for Seniors helps older adults safely manage household chemicals and products. Schedule an in home assessment with a trained home handyman today. Identify hazardous products Sort and safely remove dangerous products Recycle or dispose of these products safely.Call Aging Partners at 402-441-7030 to schedule a visit.
  • Leftover Medications?
    Don't flush them! If you have unused, expired and unneeded medications in your home return them to a local pharmacy for safe disposal. Over 40 pharmacies participate in the Nebraska iVlEDS Disposal Program.
    Visit nebraskameds.org for a complete list of drop off locations. For additional information about the program call (402) 480-1956.



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