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Our Boundaries: 33 Street (West) to 56th Street (East); O Street (North) to Randolph Street (South)

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Witherbee Neighorhood
Contact Information



Witherbee Neighborhood Asscociation
PO Box 5431
Lincoln, NE 68505



Monthly Membership Meetings:

First Thursday of each month at
Tabitha's Life Quest Center. 48th & J Street
7:00 P.M.

For agenda look below or
contact the current WNA President for more info or to be on the agenda.

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City of Lincoln
Services/Complaints -- Important Phone Numbers

Monthly Witherbee Neighborhood Meeting

OUR meetings are open to all residents. Membership is not required

Thursday, May 5th- 7p.m..

at Tabitha's Lifequest Center 48th & J.
Enter the door under the big blue sign.

    Speakers and Agenda and Annoucements.

    Lifelong Learning – Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNL
    Dr. Dee Aguilar. Stimulating and Varied Opportunities for learners aged 50+.

    Stormwater Bond – Public Utilities Director Ben Higgins

    NeighborWorks Lincoln - Pat Anderson. NeighborWorks activities update, 30th Anniversary Celebration, more.

    ANNUAL NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP – Sat May 7th 8am-noon
    North side of Bryan Community Focus School, M St 48th–50th,

    Give us your tired (old clothes), your poor (unused sports equipment), Your huddled masses (of remodeling debris) yearning to breathe free, (of the mess at your place), the wretched refuse of your teeming shore (and leftover landscaping supplies). Send these, the homeless (old tires, humidifiers, refrigerators, washing machines), tempest-tost to us (and we’ll toss it in the dumpsters!) I lift my (broken) lamp to the golden door!”
    With apologies to Emily Lazarus’ “The New Colossus.”
    Click here for more: https://www.facebook.com/events/1593002384344093/

    Witherbee business meeting:
    Final Planning – Neighborhood Cleanup.
    Ice Cream Social/Swim Party planning + committee formation. (August?)
    Garage Sales June 9-11
    Other topics as come before the group

    Upcoming in the Neighborhood:
    Randolph Elementary Fun Night Friday May 6th
    Neighborhood Cleanup -Saturday May 7th
    Primary Election – May 10th. State School Board, NRD, County Board, Stormwater Bond Issue
    June Witherbee Meeting – Emerald Ash Borer June 2nd
    Neighborhood Garage Sales – June 9-11
    Neighborworks Lincoln 30th Anniversary Celebration June 9th
    Taking Charge Survey- Lincoln Citizen online survey for next 2-year budget.



    WNA Board Meetings have been scheduled at 7PM for the second Thursday of January, April, July and October at Tabitha Lifequest Center. For agendas please contact the President or any board member. Agendas will be emailed and change of loacation will be posted here. Reminders of the meeting will be emailed. (be sure you are on our email list.)


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Citizens' Meeting

by Cyndi Lamm (City Council Member)

Every third Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Victor E. Anderson Branch Library 3635 Touzalin Avenue. Enter on the west side and turn left.

To get a monthly email with speaker info from Cyndi send her an email to the city council and request to be on the list. CLamm@lincoln.ne.gov

OR contact: Lincoln City Council Office, 555 S. 10th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402.441.7515 Office

2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule

Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
Environmental Public Health

(Lancaster County Residents Only)
Click here for the Waste Program Brochure


Call (402) 441-8021 for more current info.


Additional resources click on links below:

  • Household Waste Concerns a page with lots of great links.
  • The Hazard-Free Home Handbook
  • City of Lincoln Solid Waste Operations Recycling Operations
    Do the Right Thing, Do the Recycle Thing
  • Latex Paint Exchanges
    Latex paint is not accepted at HHW collections. Useable latex paint can be taken to EcoStores Nebraska paint exchanges:
    530 West P St, 402-477-3606
    More information: www.ecostoresne.org
    EcoStores disposes of unusable paint for $2/can.
  • Safe Homes for Seniors
    A FREE service for residents aged 60+, Safe Homes for Seniors helps older adults safely manage household chemicals and products. Schedule an in home assessment with a trained home handyman today. Identify hazardous products Sort and safely remove dangerous products Recycle or dispose of these products safely.Call Aging Partners at 402-441-7030 to schedule a visit.
  • Leftover Medications?
    Don't flush them! If you have unused, expired and unneeded medications in your home return them to a local pharmacy for safe disposal. Over 40 pharmacies participate in the Nebraska iVlEDS Disposal Program.
    Visit nebraskameds.org for a complete list of drop off locations. For additional information about the program call (402) 480-1956.



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